There are many reasons to choose an iPad point of sale (POS) vs. a tradition POS. The top three include mobility, low price points and intuitive user interfaces (UIs). Breadcrumb has all three, most importantly an easy-to-use design that was recently chosen by Software Advice as one of their favorite iPad POS user interfaces. As stated in their review, “Created for restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs, Groupon’s Breadcrumb Pro organizes products into categories using tabs, allowing users to easily select from different menu items.”


Talya Strader, Retail Director at Bow Truss Coffee Roasters in Chicago, agrees: “I love Breadcrumb because it’s super easy, it’s just user-friendly. I don’t even train my staff.” Good UI can drastically cut down on costs associated with training and user error, helping restaurants to save more money in the long run.


What do our customers love most about the design? Top 5 features include:

  • Search Bar – search for any item on the menu
  • Table Mapping – move tables around, see which are open & which are sat
  • Shift Notes – note specials, 86’d items and other updates for the team
  • Order Countdown – see what items are low and close to being 86’d
  • Splitting Checks – multiple diners can have checks split in seconds


Our focus has always been to provide the best hospitality point of sale experience our customers have ever had. We deliver an intuitive system in a subscription model that obliterates traditional POS cost. We know what our customers want not only because we’ve been on both sides of the bar, but also because we ask them. Every single time anyone from our team is out eating a meal or having a drink.

Interested in learning more about Breadcrumb and how these features can help you run your restaurant more efficiently? Sign up for a free demo today!