The EMV Solution for Restaurants is Here

Breadcrumb EMV is designed exclusively for restaurants.

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Meet the EMV for Breadcrumb POS - Designed Around Your Needs

The Breadcrumb EMV solution allows restaurants to process the more than 600 million EMV (chip or smart cards) without worrying about liability for fraudulent chargebacks. And it’s the only platform that brings together an EMV solution built with the restaurant in mind, cloud-based point of sale, payments processing and the return of rich insights on what’s enriching your guest’s experience.

EMV Card Reader for Restaurants
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Don’t worry about EMV compliance. Get an EMV solution that matches your restaurant’s needs and processes. The Breadcrumb EMV reader is ready now.

Designed for You

The move from swiping to dipping is more than just an aesthetic change. When someone hands you a chip-enabled card, and the card is authorized not using an EMV reader, liability for any chargeback shifts to you, the restaurant – not the card issuer. But with Breadcrumb POS by Upserve, compliance isn’t an issue. We built a solution designed to match your needs so you can focus on hospitality, not liability.

Accept Contactless Payments

The Breadcrumb EMV card is compatible with Apple Pay and Android Pay, so your guests can easily pay using their smartphone. Accelerate the checkout process for counter service and restaurants offering takeout.

Connect the Dots

The Breadcrumb EMV reader is available within the Upserve Pro platform so you not only get peace of mind, connected payments and a point of sale system, but delicious insights that help streamline your operations and grow your business. Track which menu items are bringing in repeat customers, plan for VIP guests and predict covers, see your sales analytics across multiple locations in one place, and much more.

What is EMV?

EMV (short for Europay Mastercard Visa) is the new chip standard credit card companies are rapidly pushing into the market for how purchases are processed. In the U.S., an overwhelming majority of banks are issuing “Chip & Signature” cards which have become the standard in the U.S. compared to “Chip & PIN” cards used elsewhere around the globe. This method requires both the EMV transaction and cardholder signature for payment which allows both banks and restaurants to mitigate fraud.

How Does EMV Work?

Our focus is on the restaurateur, so we designed the Breadcrumb EMV reader to match your processes and training. Our solution offers chip & signature EMV, so guests don’t have to enter a PIN number. With the exception of dipping the cards, using our EMV card reader works almost exactly the same as swipe cards.

How EMV Works
EMV for Restaurants

Now Available

Our Breadcrumb EMV reader is available today as part of the Upserve Pro platform.