Breadcrumb: iPad POS with the Features You Need

Breadcrumb POS has the features you need to succeed.


Features That Delight Your Staff


Ipad POS Features
Offline Mode
No internet? No problem. Continue to create checks, send orders to the kitchen and capture credit cards.
Menu Customization
Customize menus, create courses, and automatically fire items. Have a special request? One tap moves any item to a different course.
Split, Transfer and Merge Checks
Merging, transferring and splitting checks is quick and easy; just a few taps and you’re done.
Tab Management

Swipe a credit card to name a tab; easily filter to find open or closed tabs; close out tabs fast with fast cash or swipe a card from the check screen.

Management Tools


Breadcrumb Live

Track sales, guest counts, sales items and week-over-week trends – all from your iPhone.

Employee Management

Quickly give a new employee access to features you want, specify different views and menus for different roles.

Voids & Comps

Void or comp an item or an entire check by percentage or dollar amount. Access levels let you manage who can make and approve changes.

Menu Inventory Countdown

Inventory countdown alerts servers when items are running low and automatically adds 86ed items when they run out.

Ipad POS Features

Other Great Features

Ipad POS Features
EMV With Ease

Don’t spend precious time worrying about EMV chargebacks. Upserve EMV setup is fast and easy to use.

Kitchen Display System

Improve your communication between the front of the house and back of the house with KDS meaning simpler order management and better kitchen efficiency

Hold & Send
Servers can hold items or courses and send them later. 
Item Notes
VIPs, Allergies, Special Orders? Annotate items with notes that are seen by front of house and the kitchen.

Simple Set Up

Hours Not Weeks
Most of our customers are up and running in a few days. In a big hurry to try Breadcrumb? We can get you started in a few hours.
Love Your Menus
Menu templates makes set up a breeze. And our menu downloader ensures that you always have easy access to your menu. It’s yours, after all.
Complimentary Set Up Assistance & Updates

Our team will provide everything you need to set up your network and hardware. No need to spend on expensive consultants because we make it simple. And every update is free!

Breadcrumb is an iPad POS. The hardware is as familiar as the tablet you use at home.
Ipad POS Features

POS Reporting That Delivers Insights

Breadcrumb reports are comprehensive, clear and current, giving restaurants, bars and cafes the insights they need to deliver great guest experiences. 24/7 report access from the iPad Point of Sale or via any web browser.

Ipad POS Reports

Sales Report

Up to the minute overview of your sales, tax, guest count, check count and revenue centers.

Voids and Comps

Track voids and comps by server, reason and authorizer.

Check Detail

25+ data points for every check including server, items, payments and check notes.


Insights that allow you to understand and manage labor costs, scheduling and employee productivity.

Product Mix

Category and item-level details help you know what’s selling and what isn’t.


Track cash, credit cards and any other tender types. Dig into details for every check and refund.

Integrations for Your Restaurants

Breadcrumb integrates with best-in-class solutions that add even more insights and power so that you can make the best business decisions.

Affordable Monthly Pricing

Industry-leading features, continual updates, and the best support available. Unlike other POS systems, there are never any hidden costs.*‡

Prices Start At


Starting at $99/mo* every plan includes all the features, free lifetime updates‡, and the best support available. Unlike other POS system there are never any hidden costs.

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