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With the Most Advanced Restaurant Point-of-Service Solution, Ever.

Flexible and customizable pricing for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cafes of all sizes.


Starting at

for a single terminal.

Point-of-Service isn’t an order taker. It enables you to do more.

We combined an industry-leading mobile POS with Upserve’s Smart Management Assistant and payment processing to create the most comprehensive suite in the industry, purpose-built to improve guest experiences, raise productivity, and increase profits.
It’s not just a Point-of-Sale.
We call it your Point-of-Service — the centerpiece of great hospitality.

Breadcrumb POS 

  • iPad + Mobile Point of Sale
  • Table Management Integrations
  • 100+ Restaurant Features
  • 24/7 Customer Care Support
  • Unlimited Software Updates

Upserve Core

  • Real-Time Sales Metrics and Analytics
  • Guest Database Insights
  • Menu Intelligence & Server Performance Reporting
  • Multi-Location Support
  • iPhone Mobile App

Transparent and Affordable Monthly Subscription Options

Flexible subscription pricing that’s right for you. Starting at $99/mo* every plan includes all the features, free lifetime updates‡ , and the best support available. Unlike other POS systems, there are never any hidden costs.

POS & Upserve Core Subscription

Starting at
$99/month for a single terminal license.
Includes Upserve Payments at interchange +.10 per transaction. Plus up-front costs of $2070 MSRP for single terminal, money drawer, printer, and more. GET STARTED

POS & Upserve Core

+ Hardware Subscription

Starting at
$168/month for a single terminal.
Including customizable best-in-class hardware options and Upserve Payments GET STARTED

Interested in EMV?


Today, an overwhelming majority of customers are using chip cards as their preferred method of payment. Without EMV processing, you're increasing your restaurant's liability for chargebacks, distracting you from your main goal: delivering an incredible guest experience. With over 75% of all U.S. transactions now made using chip cards, these chargebacks can significantly impact your bottom line. Don’t worry, we have your EMV solution.

Put your vision first – Upserve’s complete solution protects your restaurant from fraud liability and secures your payments, giving you peace of mind and customer insights so that you can focus on your guests.

Protect your restaurant – EMV’s not about just processing chip cards; you’re getting payment security with PCI compliance, point-to-point encryption, and tokenization, protecting your business and your guests.

Installation couldn’t be easier - We built our EMV solution for your restaurant to fit seamlessly into your Upserve ecosystem. No need to make any processing changes or re-negotiate rates. Set up is easier than pairing a bluetooth speaker. It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Process with Upserve Payments.
  2. Have an Upserve Pro subscription.
  3. Pair the EMV reader to your Breadcrumb POS (easier than pairing your bluetooth speaker).

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Why Breadcrumb + Upserve?

At Upserve, we leveraged our experience to form the most comprehensive suite of restaurant solutions to help you provide world-class hospitality. More than 6,000 restaurants in every U.S. state count on Upserve to manage over 20 million meals per month — more than any other modern restaurant technology company. For leading restaurants, Breadcrumb + Upserve is their magic ingredient.

checkmark@2x24/7 expert phone and email support

checkmark@2xOpen Platform

checkmark@2xDedicated success manager

checkmark@2xGuided installation

checkmark@2xMenu consultation and initial setup

checkmark@2xFull tableside and service counter POS

checkmark@2xReliable Payments processing

checkmark@2xCloud-based storage and analytics

checkmark@2xFree product and tool updates

checkmark@2xSales, server and menu reporting

checkmark@2xTop level security

checkmark@2xOffline mode

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