Breadcrumb is Built for Bars

Give your bartenders the bar POS they need to work the bar effectively.

POS Features That Free Up Bartenders To Work The Bar

Bars move fast and so does Breadcrumb Bar POS. Customizable menus to place your most popular drinks at your bartender’s fingertips. Creating a tab is as simple as swiping a credit card. And fast cash gets checks closed with a single tap.

Customized Order Screen

Open tabs before your guests arrive. House accounts, customer notes, and easy tab management let your team focus on selling and driving loyalty.

Swipe To Name

Name a tab with a single swipe makes it easy to find guest checks – and remember guests’ names.

Split Tabs

Easily create separate checks, or split tabs evenly however many ways you need to.

Signature On Screen

Save paper and time with Signature on Screen. Built in tip settings will delight your bartenders.

Bar POS Ipad point of sale restaurant

POS Reports for Bars

Breadcrumb POS for Bars includes reports that are comprehensive, clear and current, giving restaurants, bars and cafes the insights they need to deliver great guest experiences. 24/7 report access from the iPad Point of Sale or via any web browser. 

Bar POS Ipad point of sale restaurant

Sales Report

Sales tracking by hour, shift or day part allows you to understand when you’re busiest. 

Product Mix

Get the details on what menu items are hot sellers, trending up, and not moving.


Identify your most productive staffers, track sales per hour, and keep overtime under control.