Restaurant POS Built by Restaurant People

Restaurant POS software that gives you flexibility, insight and peace of mind.

Actively Manage Service

Breadcrumb is created by restaurant people. That’s why it works so well for restaurants. We understand how in-service needs to be seamless and management tools need to be intuitive. Breadcrumb is the restaurant pos.

restaurant pos
Offline Mode

No internet? No problem. Continue to create checks, send orders to the kitchen and capture credit cards.

Menu Customization

Customize menus, create courses, and automatically fire items. Have a special request? One tap moves any item to a different course.

Split, Transfer and Merge Checks

Merging, transferring and splitting checks is quick and easy; just a few taps and you’re done.

Tab Management

Swipe to name, swipe to find makes tending bar a breeze.

POS Reports for Restaurants

Restaurants run on thin margins. Breadcrumb reports give you the insights you need to make smart decisions and drive profitability. 

 restaurant point of sale

Sales Report

Up to the minute overview of your sales, tax, guest and check count, and revenue centers.

Check Detail

25+ data points for every check including server, items, payments and check notes. 

Product Mix

Manage your menu offerings with category- and item-level details helps you know what’s selling and what isn’t.


Insights that allow you to understand and manage labor costs, scheduling and employee productivity.